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Hi Frank!

Nice bumping into you today, reminded me that I should give you an update.

After my last appointment, no flare ups.


Doc doesn't want to do surgery since I'm much better. Says to continue doing what I'm doing or not doing.


So I'll continue what I'm doing for a little while longer. I'll continue with my walking and slowly starting incorporating my exercises back; being aware of my injury so will need to modify some of them. 


I just wanted to say thank you. You've seen me at one of most vulnerable times in my life and still were able to make me laugh and trust you. You were strict with me when needed and gentle when doing your "nothing". My progress is slow but it's still progress in the right direction.


I'll miss our sessions but I trust that you feel that I've progressed enough for you to discharge me at this time.


Thanks for your professionalism and your friendship.



Hi Frank,


Lots to say! Best results of all treatments so far - hope it lasts!  I don’t know what you did differently but I was light headed for most of the night. Back feels most relaxed its been in years.  For the first time in years I felt human - not like Quasimodo, not like a piece of beef jerky, not like an overcooked shitty piece of steak.  About 5 hours of solid sleep.  Looked rough when I got up and groggy morning, but felt better throughout the day.  Also, thought about describing what the pain felt like.  I said flaring - more like blowing on hot embers and feeding the fire - does that even make sense?  You are magic.  Feel like this was a breakthrough. 

Thanks Domp!


Hi Frank,


Happy Christmas Eve!


Hope you are enjoying some time with your family - such an exciting evening for little ones (and big ones too!).

You asked me to send a quick email - C is doing well - nothing dramatic but for sure continues to progress and be more alert and engaged during the day. 


Thank you for all you have done to help both C and L.  I would never have believed how much Osteo  could help without seeing the results first hand.  You are wonderful with the kids and I really appreciated it.


Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and good health, happiness and much fun for 2016.



Thanks Frank. 


Wanted you to know he had such a good day yesterday!!!!  Not just a bit better but so much better than we have seen.  Still fitting in his rest time but he was able to enjoy so much more of Christmas Day then we thought possible. Thank you again for all you have done to help with his recovery.


See you Tuesday.




Hi Frank,

  Just wanted to let you know I was successful on the weekend (thanks to you) when I did my assessment. You had to do the entire set in front of the QiGong Master—and I still can’t believe I was the only person in the class who passed. There really wasn’t any pain in my arm the entire weekend. So now I’m working on the written exam part which is not that difficult. Then once my teacher has read it over and given me feedback I become certified to teach. Still hard for me to believe. I’m so glad I had a treatment with you before the workshop!


Thanks again.




Hi Frank,

I made an appointment for G. next Tuesday.  


I also wanted to let you know how great G felt after the session, thanks so much. He said he felt so much better than he had before he came in. His whole demeanor was different when he came up to see Dr. Gabryl and I. He was relaxed and in a good mood and he said his neck felt 'normal'. He hadn't had a very good day. You're making such a difference for him.


Have a great Canada Day.



Hi Frank,

Thank You for doing your miracle!!  Today I have no discomfort or pain in my shoulder or arm, it is gone :))  It is amazing! You are a master in your practice.  I am so grateful.  Have a wonderful day!!



Hi Frank,

   Sorry I missed your call—I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed the treatment, and to let you know there has been absolutely no pain in my knee.  Thank you so much! It’s made a world of difference.


Thanks again for fantastic treatment. Really enjoyed meeting you. I’m so glad osteopathy found you! Have a great weekend.




Hi Frank, 

Thanks for last night's session. I felt super relaxed all evening. I'm just realizing that I won't be able to get much done after our session on Saturday so I was wondering if you had a later appointment in the day? Osteopathy is like the best massage, but 100 times better


Kind regard,


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